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What is the difference between unduplicated and duplicated headcount?

In the unduplicated headcount a student is counted one time regardless of the number of majors in which the student is enrolled. In the duplicated headcount a student is counted once for each major in which the student is enrolled. For example, if a student is an English and Spanish major, the student is counted once in the unduplicated headcount. However, the student is counted twice (once for each major) in the duplicated headcount.

What is an academic award?

An academic award is a degree or certificate awarded by a school or college. This includes bachelor's, master's, educational specialist, doctoral and first professional degrees as well as less than one-year, one-year, and advanced certificates.

How can I gain more information by drilling down in a report?

Some reports have additional detail available that is not seen in the initial view. If more detail is available, you can hover over the header and click on the [+] sign to drill down to more granular detail. Some reports may have multiple levels of granularity available. Not all reports will have this functionality.

Are reports available for download?

Different reports have different levels of download access. All users can download a .png image of any report. An excel or pdf version of the selected report can be downloaded in many (most) cases. The raw data behind the report can be downloaded for select reports in a .csv file. To download a report click the download button in the top right corner and select the file format needed.

How can I navigate within a report?

If you are in a report with multiple pages, you can navigate to other pages by clicking on the appropriate tabs located at the top of the report. Another way to navigate is by using the dropdown to the left of the tabs, which will show you a list of all of the pages within a report.

How can I access reports from off campus?

To view the content available through FACTS, the user must either be on campus connected to the UGA network via wired or wireless connection or connected via the UGA campus remote access VPN. For more information on connecting to the UGA network via the VPN, follow these instructions.

I frequently need to look at a report in a certain way. Can I save a default view of the report so that I don't need to make the same selections each time?

In certain reports you have the ability to create a View. After you have filtered the report to include the information you want, click on the View button on the toolbar and save the Custom View. You also have the ability to make any custom view your default view.

For more detailed instructions, click here.

Can I have a report sent to me periodically?

You have the ability to subscribe to certain reports or pages within a report by clicking the subscribe button in the toolbar. Fill out the subscribe form and you will begin receiving emails of the selected views based on the parameters you enter in your subscription.

For more detailed instructions, click here.

Why am I not seeing data where I expect to see data?

There are a number of reasons why you may not be seeing the data that you expect to see in a report. The most common reason is that data may not be available for the combination of filters that you have applied to the report. Similarly, FACTS is designed to present information for the most current time period (term or fiscal year) available as the default view. Data for certain time periods, summer term for example, may be sparser than other time periods. In situations like this it may be necessary to filter to an earlier term if no data is available for the default term. Note that in the case of Preliminary Reports, once the report is made “Final” following census, the preliminary report will be de-activated until the start of the next reporting period.

Who do I contact if I have questions about a report?

If you have questions about anything you see in these reports, please contact us at