Academic Information

This publicly available information is primarily sourced from the UGA Fact Book and other aggregate level information. If you are a UGA Faculty or Staff member, you can get more detailed information at FACTS and Figures. If you are not a UGA Faculty or Staff member, or if you need more information, submit a Data Request.

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Report Name
Total University Student Credit Hours
Distribution of Grades by Class
Honors Program Enrollment and Sections / Honors Program Awards
Graduate Assistantships / Graduate Fellowships and Assistantships Awarded Through the Graduate School
National Academic Awards Awarded to UGA Students
Participation in Education Abroad at the University of Georgia
Participation in Education Abroad by School or College/Top Countries of Study
Tuition and Fees
Estimated Cost of Attendance
Annual Cost of Attendance for Resident Undergraduates, UGA and Selected Peers
University of Georgia Libraries: National Rankings / Library Visitors by Location