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I believe there is an issue with the data in a report

If you notice an issue occuring with the data, submit a question to the help desk of the corresponding data domain

How do I request access to reports in the data warehouse?

Each data domain has a process for requesting access. For more information on the steps required, review the Data Availability tab

I'd like to request a new report, or a change to an existing report

Please visit Available Reports to determine if a report exists that meets your reporting needs.

Report Enhancement

If you'd like to request a minor change to an existing reporting, submit a ticket.

New Report

If you don't see a suitable report and would like to request something new, submit a new report request.

"Site can't be reached" error message

Site can't be reached error message

You may not be connected to the 02 Restricted VPN. Close out of your browser, connect to the VPN, and try logging in again

If you do not have access to log into to the 02 Restricted VPN, you can use this link to request access

"Could not load folder contents" error message

Could not load folder contents error message

If you receive this message after logging in to the data warehouse, you do not have permission to access yet. You will first need to complete the request using the link below.

If you have already submitted this request, please allow time for access to be transferred to data warehouse.

Request Access

"This page cannot be displayed" error message

This page cant be displayed error message

If you receive this message, you may be logging in while connected to Group 01 Default VPN. Close out of the browser, connect to the Group 02 Restricted VPN, and try logging in again

If you do not have access to log into to the 02 Restricted VPN, you can use this link to request access

Request Access

I log in to the data warehouse, but a blank screen shows up

If you log in to the data warehouse and show a blank screen, you are likely logged in on a machine set up with a local domain (rather than UGA MYID domain). Close out of the browser, attempt to log in again, and enter “myid\username” along with your UGA password in the login screen.

If issues persist, or you know your computer is set up using a local IT domain, please submit a ticket for steps to remedy the issues

"Errors in the OLE DB provider", or similar worded message when using the cubes

OLE DB error message

If you receive an error message similar to the example above, this issue occurs on machines not connected to the UGA MYID Active Directory.

You can confirm if your machine is connected to the msmyid domain using these instructions

You may be able to fix this by logging out of your machine and when logging back in include myid\(username) to direct your machine to connect to the MYID active directory.

If this does not resolve your issue, or you already know your department uses a local active directory, it will require your local IT department to convert your machine to the MYID domain. To address this issue, you can submit a ticket for further instruction.

How do I use the data warehouse as a Mac OS user?
Using a cube on Mac OS

The Mac operating system does not support the cube technology. SQL Server Analysis Servers (SSAS), which drive the cube functionality, work only using Windows authentication.

Mac users can use UGA vLab to access a cube. Instructions for connecting are available here.


Using the Data Warehouse Reporting Portal

Mac users can connect to the UGA Data Warehouse Reporting Portal and view paginated reports, Power BI reports, and KPI's on the Mac OS after connecting to 02 restricted VPN.